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WE ARE SORRY: Due to the overwhelming time it takes to keep up with Fantasy Stats, I am no longer creating up to date draft lists and such on this blog.

However, I would like to remind you that the articles are for the most part still good advice to keep to heart when playing Fantasy Football.

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Often in the preseason, there are questions about players. Injuries, position battles and anything that might effect the Fantasy Football Player Rankings. Here I will address some of them.

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Please, feel free to read the following articles. Even some of the most experienced Fantasy Football owners might learn something. With over 15 years of fantasy sports experience I assure you, these articles are written from experience filled with trial and error as well as success.

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The Ego of Brett Favre

Once again Brett Favre is holding another NFL team hostage and once again the NFL team is tossing its dignity out a window to drop to its knees and bow before him.

3,867 yards, 31 TDs, 23 ITs, and a 63% Pass Completion. These are very good numbers. They may be near great numbers. They are not however, MVP type of numbers. In fact, Brett Favre has been the MVP three times. He has had more than 3,867 yards 11 times, more than 31 TD's six times, less than 23 IT's fourteen times, and better than 63% six times. If other seasons when Favre had better years, why was he not good enough for MVP in those other years?

In that same season, Barry Sanders had 2,053 yards, 14 total TD's and only lost 2 fumbles. The TD's and fumbles are good but the 2,053 yards rushing is a phenomenal season for a running back. Yet Sanders had to share that MVP with Brett Favre, not because it was the right thing to do for two players who had equally great seasons, but because it was necessary to appease the pet superstar of the NFL. In 1997 it became the standard way of the NFL world to bow down to the greatness of Brett Favre and it has never stopped.

It has been 4 or 5 seasons in a row now that Brett Favre would retire, then not retire or not be able to decide if he wanted to retire or not. He cares nothing about creating a better relationship and continuity with his teammates. He cares nothing for allowing the team to prepare one way or the other like they would if they got an upfront decision. He care nothing about the millions of fans who would want to know if he is playing. He cares nothing at all about the millions of Fantasy Football fans who would like to know how to set up their quarterback rankings. No, all Brett Favre cares about is Brett Favre. Who knows? Maybe if he loved himself just a little more, he would have shown up to camp earlier and worked with players in one way or another and just maybe then, he would have had better continuity with his receiver last season and not throw that last interception in the play-off game.

Yet the Vikings do not have enough dignity to tell Favre to either join the team or retire. They will fall to their knees and kiss his holy feet while waiting for him to decide what he wants to do as he always does at this time of the year.

Brett Favre, at one point, was one of the most loved players in all of the NFL. One of the most loved of all time. Every season there are more and more who grow sick of his pansy-ass ways of not being man enough to make a decision for the better of his team, his teammates and his fans. When will he finally get it over with? Before or after his status falls below that of Michael Vick? He may never fall that far, but it is a sad thing that I am beginning to have more respect for Terrell Owens than for Brett Favre.

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  1. What a prima donna. He is holding his team hostage. Kharma is going to bite him in the butt. With all the injuries, it's going to be a long season for him.


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