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NFL Fantasy Guide's - Ultimate Players Rankings

Ultimate Top 200 Fantasy Players. . . . . Updated 09/04/2010

NFL Fantasy Guide

Often in the preseason, there are questions about players. Injuries, position battles and anything that might effect the Fantasy Football Player Rankings. Here I will address some of them.

NFL Fantasy Guide Articles

Please, feel free to read the following articles. Even some of the most experienced Fantasy Football owners might learn something. With over 15 years of fantasy sports experience I assure you, these articles are written from experience filled with trial and error as well as success.

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Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Players

Quarterback - Matt Hasselbeck - (Position Rank - 23)
(Passing) 3,000 Yards, 21 TD, 14 IT, 30 Sacks
(Rushing) 70 Yards, 0 TD, 3 Fumbles
Actually, Hasselbeck is not a bad bounce back candidate for 2009. I am just afraid of his back acting up. If he can stay healthy though, he may far exceed these numbers.

Running Back - Julius Jones - (Position Rank - 36)

(Rushing) 900 Yards, 4 TD, 2 Fumbles
(Receiving) 20 Catches, 120 Yards, 0 TD
Jones is easily the go to guy in Seattle, even with the addition of Edgerin James. The only thing that Edge does is possibly take some of Jones red-zone touches away. Even so, Jones has never shown himself to be a running back you can trust.

Wide Receiver - TJ Houshmandzadeh - (Position Rank - 21)
(Receiving) 85 Catches, 950 Yards, 7 TD, 1 Fumbles
The most impressive thing I can say here is that I actually spelled his name right, without looking it up first. TJ's numbers wont be as good as they were in Cincinatti, but he should still put up decent numbers.

Wide Receiver - Deion Branch/Nate Burleson - (Position Rank - 33)
(Receiving) 65 Catches, 800 Yards, 7 TD, 0 Fumbles
With TJ in the house, one of these two receivers should find himself with more one-on-one situations. The problem is knowing which receiver will play opposite TJ. At this time, Yahoo Sports has Burleson higher in the depth chart.

Tight End - John Carlson - (Position Rank - 7)
(Receiving) 60 Catches, 650 Yards, 6 TD, 0 Fumbles
If its getting late and you need a tight end still, Carlson is not a bad one to have. He likely wont perform with the elite, but he will still get you some points.

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